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About THFAO Investments

THFAO is a private investment firm started by Darko Horvat, underpinning the family office’s legacy in investing/buying in businesses ventures, development, and growth.

Rooted in a tradition of excellence and guided by a strategic approach, THFAO Investments is dedicated to fostering high-quality platform businesses, nurturing assets, and empowering visionary management teams.

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Our Vision

At THFAO Investments, we envisage a dynamic investment landscape driven by collaboration, innovation, and sustainable growth.


Our foundation is built upon a commitment to identifying and cultivating potential within businesses that showcase robust fundamentals and promising future trajectories.

Our Approach

As the direct private investment arm for the Darko Horvat's family office, THFAO focuses on making strategic investments utilizing permanent capital.


We partner closely with founders and management teams, leveraging our expertise to foster the long-term evolution of vibrant businesses. Emphasizing majority investments, we embrace an indefinite investment horizon, aligning our goals with the sustained success of our partners.

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Our Strategy

Driven by Darko Horvat's strong belief in the importance of human capital, THFAO mostly engages with individuals and companies who exhibit some specific traits that we find important: typically equity investment of min $5 million (with co-investment opportunities starting at $1 million).


We look for strong positioning within attractive industry segments with clear future opportunities, low-risk profiles and compelling growth potential, healthy and sustainable profit margins and robust cash flow, and a solid, defencible market presence. We have a strong preference for skilled and seasoned founders and management teams with whom we can proactively collaborate.


We specialise in investments across several industry segments, including technology – specifically AI, Industry 4.0 and special situations investment.


At THFAO, our pursuit is not merely financial; it's a journey toward building enduring partnerships, fostering innovation, and cultivating sustainable growth in transformative enterprises.

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